‘We thought it was gun shots’ -- Neighbors describe aftermath of home explosion in Jeffersonville

Air 3: Home explosion in Jeffersonville

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE)- Dozens of people tried to get a closer look of what happened after they woke up to the explosion that killed one person and left two others injured.


+ Officials rule out meth lab, consider natural gas as cause of explosion

Neighbors said when they walked outside their homes, it looked like the aftermath of a tornado.

“We heard popping noises; we thought it was gun shots,” neighbor Shelly Kent said. “(We saw) someone screaming and someone hollering, ‘Where are you? where are you?'”

The explosion happened on Assembly Road. Kent said she ran outside after items flew off the shelves and walls in her home.

“A guy comes running up here screaming, ‘Oh my God the house is gone,'” Kent said. “The car is split in half.”

She said it was absolute chaos in the Capitol Hills neighborhood. When she walked down the road, she saw why.

“I saw a man laying down on the ground with a cover over him,” Kent said. “People were just crazy down there.”

William Short lives across the street from the scene. He knew the woman, man and dog that lived there.

“I looked out and saw the neighbors’ house did blow up,” Short said.

Short said the front doors, every window and brick was blown off his home.

“When I heard the first boom, I looked out the window,” Short said. “Then I saw a big flash of light like a big fireworks going off; that’s when my windows came flying in.”

Residents compared the current state of their community to a disaster zone. They’re waiting to be let back in their homes to see what’s left.

Several neighbors also said they were told by authorities their homes were considered unfit to live in.

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