‘This shook our city,’ Jeffersonville mayor tours damage following home explosion

Mayor of Jeffersonville tours neighborhood impacted by home explosion

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) - A Jeffersonville neighborhood remains blocked off and covered in debris Monday evening.

Much of Assembly Road is covered in pieces and memories scattered from homes after a house exploded early Sunday morning, destroying and damaging many homes nearby.

One person was killed in the blast; two others were injured.

One neighbor said she woke up from the noise; her doors had opened and some of her windows shattered. Just yards away from where she slept, a home on Assembly Road was reduced to pieces.

“This shook our city,” Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore said.


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Touring the damage Monday, Moore said there’s nothing left to salvage from the home where the explosion took place.

“It took my breath away,” he said.

“As bad as this is, I think we’re still very lucky because, I just spoke with a family that was right across the street,” Moore said. “The gentleman was looking out his living room window when he heard what he said was a first pop. When the second one came, he’s right there and he’s standing, talking about it.”

Memories are now scattered, family treasures lay crumbled on the grass. The amount of damage left behind, Moore said, is hard to take in.

“I cannot describe when you see a six- or eight-inch foundation that is totally broke apart, that’s one horrific blast,” Moore said. “I’ve seen houses come down before, but I’ve never seen foundations broken apart like what I just saw over there. It’s an incredible sight and my prayers and thoughts go out to everyone involved.”

Jeffersonville Building Commissioner Larry Wallace said one home is condemned. Eight others will need engineers’ inspections to survey the damage. But the blast’s impact stretches far beyond that.

“Homes two blocks away have broken windows, they have siding that’s been popped down,” said Justin Ames, with the Jeffersonville Fire Department.

Officials have not yet confirmed the identities of the person killed or the two injured victims, but said a girl whose collarbone was broken when the ceiling caved in as a result of the explosion went back to school Monday.

Jeffersonville Assistant Police Chief Scott McVoy said they’re still determining how this explosion happened, adding that they expect more details about what caused this to come out in the coming days.

For all the people in the area concerned about their own homes, Moore said Vectren Energy has been at the scene, making sure every gas line in the area is secured.

“Gas can be very, very dangerous,” Moore said. “It’s a perfect example of what can happen from an explosion like that.”

Police have allowed some families to come in to get items they need from their homes, but they will keep much of the area near the explosion blocked off over the next few days as they investigate.

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