New study shows some chemicals in sunscreen enter the bloodstream

More sunscreen chemicals soak into skin than previously thought

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - We’ve been told for years that we need to apply sunscreen.

But a new study reveals that chemicals in sunscreens can enter the bloodstream.

The four chemicals tested were: avobenzone, oxybenzone, ecamsule and octocrylene.

“Some of those [bloodstream] levels, in fact for all four of them, were significantly higher than is deemed appropriate without further testing by the FDA,” Dr. Mike McCall, a Dermatologist at Associates in Dermatology and a faculty member at the University of Louisville said.

He says there is the potential for concern, but that further study is needed.

“(The) Federal Drug Administration has already required that in November the manufacturers are supposed to have more specific testing in terms of safety for these chemicals,” McCall said.

McCall wants to stress that people should not stop wearing sunscreen due to this one study.

“In terms of what types of sunscreens to buy, I do recommend the mineral sunscreens," McCall said. “I also recommend you should purchase something that is at least a 15 SPF.”

People who are going to spend time outdoors need to apply sunscreen, wear a broad-brimmed hat and sun-protective clothing to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.

“One in five people develop skin-cancer over the course of their lives and we want to make sure we keep people safe from things that we know that cause cancer, which is ultra-violet light," McCall said.

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