StormTALK! Tuesday Edition

StormTALK! Tuesday Edition

The crazy severe weather outbreak to our west will drift into WAVE Country over the next 24-36 hours. But, we will get a MUCH tamer version of this setup.

Why? Several factors... but the main one is the heat shield that is going to becoming overpowering and take over our weather headlines into the holiday weekend.

Having said that, we will have a risk at some hefty downpours and even a few strong t-storms before we get to the heat.

Today: Watching showers to our west that will fade as they lift north and slightly east. Some of you along/north of the Ohio River could certainly get a shower out of this but the clock is ticking on that chance as they will soon fade away.

Wednesday: Risk for a fading line of t-storms near the AM commute. There is still some question when they will arrive into Louisville. The line will be slowing down on its approach. We will just timing that out carefully tonight/early in the morning of course. Some could still be locally heavy with a crazy light show. The morning activity will fade. The question will be about the afternoon potential. We will have a good amount of fuel around along with some modest wind energy. But we will be lacking any “forcing” to fire anything up. This means the main driver will need to be heating...and the amount of cloud cover will determine that. If we stay cloudy most of the day...very little will form later. However, if that potential can get realized...isolated severe cells could develop. Another “wait and see” setup. It’ll be muggy regardless.

Thursday: Risk for a downpour as a warm front passes through. Otherwise this will be the day the heat really builds in with 90° reachable later in the day. Any t-storm risk looks north.

The video today will cover all of this in more detail PLUS a look at the holiday weekend and next week!

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