Family mourns couple killed in chain-reaction crash on I-265

Family of couple killed in crash on I-265 urges drivers to pay attention

NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WAVE) - The family of two victims who died in a five vehicle crash on Interstate 265 in New Albany on Wednesday morning wants drivers to pay more attention.

Traffic backup due to a lane closure caused by a sinkhole led to a snafu on the interstate during the morning rush hour. When a truck driver didn’t stop, he slammed into a pickup truck, causing a deadly chain-reaction crash.

The deadly crash closed I-265 in Floyd County for nearly six hours Wednesday. (Source: ISP)
The deadly crash closed I-265 in Floyd County for nearly six hours Wednesday. (Source: ISP)

In the middle of that five-vehicle pileup was a truck carrying Doug Borders, 42, of Scottsburg, Ind., and his passenger, Christina Coy, 36, also of Scottsburg.

They died at the scene.

Borders’ cousin said she wants people to remember to be careful on the roadway because it’s not just their own lives that are at risk.

“I just want both of them to be remembered as the great parents they are,” Melissa Sullivan, Borders’ cousin who lives in Corbin, Ky., said.

Sullivan said she called Borders “Dougie” when they grew up and spent summers together.

“He’s just an amazing guy,” Sullivan said. “He... I don’t even... I’m sorry. He’s an amazing guy. He’s an amazing dad. He’s a dad to four children.”

Sullivan said Borders’ children range in age from 12 to 17. She said he raised them as Coy worked at a nursing home.

"They were raising teenagers," Borders said. "These teenagers are going to need all the support they can get now because you know they've lost their mom. They've lost their father."

Sullivan said that support is what the family is focusing on now.

She added Border’s mother’s has been dead for some time now, but her birthday would have been Wednesday if she were still alive.

“We’re hanging in there in the hopes that there was a grand reunion in heaven,” Sullivan said. “We have all the hopes in the world that our parents greeted him and hugged him enough for all of us.”

A GoFundMe has been started to help cover funeral expenses and assist in raising their children.

Three other people were injured in the crash but they are all expected to be OK.

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