StormTALK! Friday Edition

StormTALK! Friday Edition

3 issues for the holiday weekend: Heat, humidity and thunderstorms.

Let’s break down all 3...


Hottest will be today and Saturday. A record high is expected later today at 93°. Hot again Saturday that will be similar to today. Record is a touch higher at 94°.

It will remain very warm Sunday and Memorial Day but scattered clouds and t-storms will ease down the highs a bit.


It actually will drop decently this afternoon so the heat index won’t be much higher than the actual temperature. Still hot :)

I’d say the same for Saturday as well.

It will become more humid Sunday and Memorial Day.


Isolated northeast today.

Isolated east/southeast Saturday and perhaps a band of strong t-storms that could impact our northern counties in Indiana by late afternoon. We’ll need to watch that.

Sunday’s risk looks to be during the afternoon with most locations at risk for that round.

Memorial Day will feature isolated t-storms that won’t last long at any given location.

Overall, not a bad setup but we need to monitor the t-storms Saturday evening and Sunday.

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