StormTALK! Monday Edition

StormTALK! Monday Edition

Busy weather pattern we are about to head into. I guess it is our turn to be in the zone of active weather.

There will be two main weather setups to watch.

1) Front dropping in Wednesday with multiple waves of energy tracking along them in an east/west fashion. South of this front, building heat and humidity. Each complex of thunderstorms that can develop, will be attracted the hottest/most humid locations. This can lead to large areas of damaging winds and very heavy rainfall. Timing of these of these waves is still unclear as well as expected paths they take once developed. Just know our potential starts overnight Tuesday into early Wednesday and may carry over into Wednesday night/early Thursday. It will be important to note that not each wave will impact our area but we need to be aware of that potential at least. We should be able to answer more questions on this on Tuesday.

2) Developing tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico. It will slowly work its way north to move into TK/AR by the end of the week. It will then move slightly more north and east before slowing to a stall until a cold front pushes this system off the map to the east. This current motion means that WAVE Country could be influenced by this system in terms of heavy rain bands/thunderstorms... Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and perhaps even next Monday. You can obviously see the concern there if that idea holds that would certainly mean some flooding issues for our area. The good news on the “slow” part is that there is time for more adjustments to its potential influence on our weather. So be sure to keep checking back on the forecast as I am sure it will keep evolving each day this week. I will have another update right here on the blog as well.

So yes, a busy period indeed ahead of us. Get your yard work done early this week.

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