LIST: Jefferson County Attorney releases full list of deadbeat parents

Deadbeat parents owe $96 million in back child support

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Deadbeat parents owe millions of dollars to children in Jefferson County.

Do you work with them? Or do you live near them? If so, the county attorney wants your help tracking them down.

According to County Attorney Mike O’Connell, many of the deadbeat parents move to other states, while their kids are hurting.

That’s the case with the parent who’s at the top of the delinquent list, the accused offender’s last address was in Miami. O’Connell is certain someone knows exactly where he is.

A staggering $96 million is owed to Jefferson County kids.

“That is too large of a number for me to get my head around,” O’Connell said.

It’s not just about a few families.

“Ninty-six million?” Neighborhood Place Manager Cassandra Miller asked. “If we had budget of $96,000,000...”

Organizations like Neighborhood Place could help more struggling single parents. When deadbeat parents don’t chip in, community services are strapped.

“I’ve been doing this for 21 years,” Miller said. “When kids don’t have what they need it puts a very large increase of demand on services for us.”

Miller said deadbeat parents force many working Louisville parents into homelessness. She said she hears the ‘If I had just a little bit more support we wouldn’t be in a situation like this’ sentence.

O’Connell said his office is on a mission to find the adults who made the choice to become parents, but refuse to act like them.

Douglas I. Maxwell is the man accused of owing more than a half million dollars in back child support in 2019.

The woman owing the most? Heidi L. Collins, at just over $73,000.

Single parent Shalonda Curry told WAVE 3 News her child’s father owes $8,000 on child support. She said he’s moved away from Louisville.

Curry works full time, but with no help she is considering a second job.

“You have a child and you’re a single mother,” Curry explained. "It’s always expenses for your child that you have to pay for.”

Curry said it’s frustrating because the father’s monthly amounts are not that much.

“He gets to get away with what he’s supposed to be paying and he’s not paying,” Curry said.

O’Connell said even if you don’t have the deadbeat’s address, there’s a way to find them.

“I know he doesn’t live there anymore, but the better thing is they say, I know where he works,” O’Connell explained.

The county attorney can intervene on tax refunds, put holds on passports, the office even recovered $63,000 from a will and transferred the money to the parent with custody.

Last year they recovered $61 million.

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