Louisville chef informs parents about healthy eating

Louisville chef informs parents about healthy eating
Louisville’s Chef Edward Lee informs parents on healthy eating.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - One of Louisville’s top chefs, Edward Lee, is helping educate parents about the importance of healthy eating for kids.

Chef Ed Lee has teamed up with the La Grange based non-profit, Operation Parent, to shoot a five-minute video. The video’s purpose is to help parents understand what healthy eating means in today’s world of hectic schedules and fast food.

“When you’re having your family meals, let your child serve him or herself," Lee said. “Most children will take the right amount of food for themselves. Also, let your children stop eating when they feel full. Some of us were taught to eat everything on our plates, but that can lead to overeating.”

Lee admits that, even as a four-time James Beard Award nominee, he has struggled with knowing what to feed his daughter.

For other parenting tips, visit Operation Parent’s website.

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