StormTALK! Thursday Edition

StormTALK! Thursday Edition

Cool for some, “chilly” air will be the main headline for the next 36 hours.

After that, back to reality.


Next focus will be on thunderstorms Saturday. Moisture will start to fill our air as the day wears on with Indiana taking on the flow compared to Kentucky. At the same time, there is a decent pocket of wind that will pass through the I-70 to I-64 corridor. The two elements look to overlap enough to monitor a potential strong/severe t-storm setup Saturday afternoon/evening across our Indiana counties. Once you go south of I-64, moisture looks to be quite limit and therefore thunderstorm potential is much lower. If you live across southern Indiana, be weather alert in case this thunderstorm potential continues to show up.

Sunday will feature a more humid setup for all areas. It will also be quite warm as mid to upper 80s become more established in WAVE Country. T-storm coverage looks more blotchy and chaotic at times. No all-day rain is showing up but I would have a backup plan for any outdoor setups.

Next week...the “storm zone” stays in place across WAVE Country through about Wednesday. The front will try to move back north again to cut down on t-storm coverage (and heat things up) by Thursday. Any break won’t last long as the front will drop back down again with more rounds of t-storms. We look to enter that following weekend tracking more t-storms...yet again. A drier/hotter setup still looks to take until July to get going. Weather patterns this time of the year don’t change quickly and can be hard to break. We’ll watch it!

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