KY Sen. Rand Paul seeks to limit presidential emergency powers

Senator Rand Paul raises questions about Iran crisis

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Senator Rand Paul is reacting to how the Trump administration is handling the crisis with Iran.

In Louisville on Friday, Paul said he is skeptical about the state department's quick assessment that Iran was behind attacks on two tankers.

“I think it’s premature,” Paul said. “You know, if you have ever seen like a plane crash, do you ever see within 24 hours say what caused the plane crash? Usually there’s an investigation.”

Paul said he wants more evidence and he is concerned about the potential for the United States going to war before the facts are in.


Paul recently introduced legislation to limit a President's emergency powers.

“The President should have to come to Congress and ask for permission,” Paul said. "I’ve been asking them this, if there were a skirmish, like this bombing of a ship happened and they determined that it was Iran, do they think they could bomb mainland Iran without a declaration of war? And I say absolutely not. We have to have a discussion and debate and really you have to have a forensic investigation to make sure this is Iran. The government shouldn’t just say ‘oh it was Iran’ and now we’re at war with Iran.”

Senator Paul said he’s worried about the influence of neo-conservatives like National Security Advisor John Bolton, who Paul said wants war with Iran and regime change.

Paul’s proposed legislation would require the President to seek congressional approval for any emergency actions that take more than 72 hours.

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