Unflattering internal poll numbers leaked, so Trump campaign is firing pollsters

(CNN) - The Trump campaign said it will fire several of its pollsters -- after the leak of unflattering internal poll numbers, according to two campaign officials.

The numbers show Mr. Trump lagging behind Democratic presidential candidates in key states, such as Joe Biden in states like Michigan and Wisconsin.

Detailed numbers of four of the 17 states the campaign had polled got out. Media outlets reported the numbers weeks ago.

Still, Mr. Trump got angry about coverage of the numbers in recent days and a purge of the polling team was proposed.

The campaign declined to say on the record which pollsters would be fired and whether the firings have already taken place.

Two officials familiar with the discussions said the top two pollsters, Tony Fabrizio and John McLaughlin, will stay on.

The poll leak fallout comes as Trump gets ready to launch his re-election bid in Orlando Tuesday night.

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