Debate surrounding Louisville food trucks continues

Debate surrounding Louisville food trucks continues
The debate surrounding food trucks in Louisville continues as Metro Council discusses ordinances. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The debate surrounding Louisville’s food trucks and where they should be able to park continued Tuesday afternoon at city hall.

Last year Metro Council came up with a plan that would create vending zones but that idea was scrapped and now committee members have come up with a different plan to regulate food trucks.

The new ordinance would limit how many spots food trucks can reserve, to no more than 25-percent on any block.

It would also create new guidelines for pedestrian safety and to limit noise from generators.

Food truck owners continue to pay close attention to the debate.

“If I’ve got a metered bag, I can get my kids up, have breakfast with them and roll into my reserved spot at 8:30," Louisville Food Truck Association president Leah Stewart said. "If I don’t have a reserved spot, I’m going to have to get in my truck, get loaded up and be downtown by 7 a.m. So I don’t see my kids in the morning. It’s just... it doesn’t do anything except hurt us.”

The committee will continue discussions about the ordinance in two weeks.

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