StormTALK! Wednesday Edition

StormTALK! Wednesday Edition

Now we not only keep the flash flooding threat, but need to add the severe wind/hail and isolated tornado threat to the setup this evening.

NOW-3PM: We should continue to heat up and stay very humid. Once we get closer and closer to 3pm, an isolated downpour may pop.

3PM-5PM: Isolated downpours/thunderstorms. Main concern during this time will be flash flooding with some of the cells with strong wind gusts possible. Severe risk starts to inch up but nothing crazy yet.

5PM-8PM: Clusters of strong/severe thunderstorms move through. All the threats above are possible... with an isolated tornado added to the mix. The strongest wind energy will be to the west of WAVE Country during this time with lots of warnings expected to be on the map for those areas.

8PM-1AM: The “show” out west rolls in in the form of clusters and supercells. Some will track due east across Indiana, the ones in Kentucky will track more east/southeast. This is the main time period to watch for any tornado threat. It is also a time period that our fuel starts to ease down. Not to mention, if the 5pm-8pm t-storms are widespread enough...they would really yank down the fuel for this round. So there are still many questions on just how active it would get into WAVE Country for this one BUT you need to be aware of the potential. We will have many forecast updates before that time to let you know how this is trending. Hopefully toward a calmer setup.

So while severe wind/hail and tornadoes are certainly items to be alert for, it is the flash flooding that will pose the greater risk to most in our area. Please do not travel into these downpours if you can avoid it.

The video will explain the above in more detail PLUS an update to how Thursday/Friday are now trending...

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