Why Dawne Gee loves Southwest Louisville

Why Dawne Gee loves Southwest Louisville
WAVE 3 News' Dawne Gee is passionate about her hometown.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - I am proud to say I've been at WAVE 3 News since August 1994. I knew exactly where I wanted to work and what I wanted to do. I've had the opportunity to tell life-changing and life-saving stories in my position at WAVE 3 News. I've been here and working hard for this city now for 25 years.

I’m also proud to say I get to do this job in my hometown. I was raised in Southwest Louisville, a graduate of Pleasure Ridge Park High School where I learned what it meant to get involved, do my best, honor myself and others and always respect the people and things around me. I still thank my teachers today for helping my parents shape me into the person I am now. My principal, Charlie Miller, loved each one of the students at PRP and the staff cared not only for our education but our well-being. Each year, Pleasure Ridge Park’s Hall of Fame works tirelessly raising funds to help PRP graduates reach their next level of educational success with scholarships for higher education. I am also proud to be part of that PRP Hall of Fame.

My home was right next to Shively Elementary School, where my parents still live today. My childhood home in Southwest Louisville was a gathering place for all my friends and all who soon became friends because they wanted to swim in our nine-foot swimming pool nestled deep in the ground of our backyard. My childhood was charmed and blessed. I never needed or really wanted for anything. I can remember on my 16th birthday receiving the keys to my first car and excitedly driving myself to PRP for the first time. My parents often took in relatives or other children in need because we were so fortunate and able. When my family from Ohio faced the 1974 super outbreak of tornadoes, I remember my mom coming home with my five cousins in tow, but we certainly had enough to share. Our household never missed a beat even with five more children in the home. With all this, my parents still aided in and pushed me to graduate not only high school but college with two bachelor’s degrees. I hold degrees in biology and communications.

I still live in Southwest Louisville. Sixteen years ago, I built the home I’m in today. Many of my friends asked, “What area are you moving to?” I responded by saying, “They allow us to build homes in Southwest Louisville. I’ll be staying right where I am.” I am Southwest Louisville proud. I can remember as each of my children began to grow-up they would say, “I’m leaving Louisville.” Not only did they stay in Louisville, but my daughter purchased a home in Southwest Louisville minutes from me. My sister also still lives in Southwest Louisville, just minutes from me along with her middle daughter, my great nephew and her husband. My two sons live in Southwest Louisville as well.

In Southwest Louisville, we are proud to showcase a city jewel. Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing, is a historic 300-acre farm and house on a site that offers a breathtaking view of the Ohio River, framed by rolling hills on the opposite bank. The entire 300-acre tract, including both historic houses, was designated as a Jefferson County Historic Landmark District in 1998. The Farnsley-Moremen House stands as a breathtaking testament to the rich history of agriculture along the Ohio River. Louisville students participate in an ongoing archaeological excavation under the supervision of professional archaeologists with an opportunity to learn brickmaking and more. There are also ice cream socials, concerts, plant sales and more.

The brand new Southwest Regional Library is 40,000 square feet, more than double the size of other branch libraries. It is open to the entire community with valuable resources for students, families, businesses and life-long learners.

Everyone from every part of the city fights to get a seat at the historic Mike Linnig’s so they can get a plate of the best fish, tartar sauce and sides in the city.

We are a close-knit community that cares for its own. It is not that we are without problems, but we do our best to help each other when those problems arise. The area is often labeled as a poor, uneducated, low-class area of town but that is only by those who have never visited the homes, businesses or people that make it great. I am aware that many businesses will not fill some of the vacant properties in our area or build new ones because they believe we have no money in Southwest Louisville, but we do have money and there are some who have a lot of it. Perception is not truth. There are homes in southwest Louisville that will blow your mind if you were to see them with their beautiful layout, land and architecture.

Every area of town is in need. Every area in town has issues to solve and concerns to address. I see us doing that in Southwest Louisville. I am proud when I deliver food, toiletries and other items of care to Southwest Area Ministries and Shively Area Ministries. I am grateful when David Owen and Owen Funeral Home surprised my non-profit “A Recipe to End Hunger” with financial support or helps me with a family in need as they address end-of-life choices. It lifts my spirit when I see hundreds of people relax on the grounds of Riverside, the Farnsley-Moremen Landing listening to jazz to raise funds not just for food-insecure families in Southwest Louisville but for all of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Ask me what is going on in Southwest Louisville, and I will tell you immediately that I am Southwest Louisville proud and we have a lot to be proud of.

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