StormTALK! Friday Edition

StormTALK! Friday Edition

Active setup the next 24-36 hours.

It all starts late this afternoon into tonight.

BEFORE 5:00PM...Mainly quiet with the main focus into SW Indiana for a few t-storms that may form and track into our southern Indiana counties.

5:00PM-MIDNIGHT... Main time of concern. A few different scenarios may play out there. This looks to be a combination of supercell thunderstorms and more organized bands of thunderstorms. They will mainly impact zones along I-64 and I-65 during this time. Timing will vary depending on your location and which type you could receive (cells vs line). Overall, be aware for the threat for damaging winds (70mph +), flash flooding, intense lightning, some large hail and even an isolated tornado. Not everyone will experience severe weather. This is a setup that will constantly evolve/change throughout today. So this is all about awareness and being prepared. Tree damage threat is higher than normal due to the very saturated ground. Make sure you stay close to the forecast updates and have a way to get weather alerts!!

MIDNIGHT-3:00AM... the radar should actually relax a bit during this time. It won’t last long.

3:00AM-9:00AM... band of heavy rain/t-storms develops. Location should be near I-64 but that is not locked in yet. The main concern will be flash flooding/lightning and perhaps some strong winds.

T-storms will likely re-develop once again in the afternoon. Some could be strong/severe with very heavy rainfall.

This is a messy setup that creating a fast-changing weather setup the next couple of days. If you have outdoor plans, be aware of t-storm development. When it is not storming, it will be hot and humid.

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