StormTALK! Monday Edition

StormTALK! Monday Edition

One more period to watch for any flash flooding/severe wind/hail and even a brief tornado. Then we will get a well-deserved break!

Severe setup this afternoon:

This one will be a bit more limited in coverage compared to Sunday. I am looking at the best overlapping of fuel and wind energy this afternoon. And so far, it appears that “zone” looks to line up near I-65 but mainly east in the zone between 65 and 75. If you are not in the zone, you will see less overlapping of fuel/wind but still could face some heavy downpours at times. The main time-frame for all of the action looks to kick off soon. Likely after lunch through about 6pm or so. We will watch the trends carefully over the next few hours.

This evening: There will be one more lobe of moisture that will pinwheel in from the west. This may be enough to spark a few downpours/isolated t-storms for southern Indiana and central Kentucky near sunset. As this time, I don’t see anything severe taking place. In fact, they will be spotty enough that many will miss them.

We will finally get some drIER air in Tuesday to keep the radar quiet.

We kick off our normal summer pattern Wednesday into the weekend which will feature hazy, hot and humid days. Isolated gusty t-storms possible. A pattern we are more used to around here in late June.

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