GRAPHIC: 12-year-old mauled by a pit bull in Ohio recovering at home

GRAPHIC: Boy, 12, recovers after attack by pit bull in Ohio

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A 12-year-old boy is home recovering after he was mauled by a pit bull. Some courageous neighbors ran to help the young man and were viciously attacked as well, WTVG reported.

The dog attack happened Friday, as the boy walked to his friend’s house.

Michael Anaszewicz Jr., 12, has to temporarily use a wheelchair and can barely walk after he was attacked. The boy says he tried kicking the dog to get him to let go.

Michael rode his bike to his friend's house to see whether the friend wanted to play video games. He says the dog, named Split, followed his friend out of the house.

“It jumped up on me. It licked me a couple of times and it bit me on my face," he said. "It jumped down and grabbed my foot and started biting my arm. It went for my face again so I used my arm like this and that’s when it got my arm.”.

Michael suffered bites to his face, arm, back and foot, and he had to get 30 stitches.

He said he’s thankful for the two men who helped him.

The dog turned on them as well. Michael says the pit bull bit the tip off one man’s finger and took a chunk out of the other good Samaritan’s arm.

“I’m just hoping it had his shots and stuff. I’m a wrestler, and I don’t want this to mess with my career,” Michael said.

The owner of the dog declined to comment.

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