Damage to Highlands store raises questions

A major mess outside a quirky store in the Highlands has sparked concern in the community

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A major mess outside a quirky store in the Highlands has sparked concern in the community.

(Source: Aprile Rickert, News and Tribune)
(Source: Aprile Rickert, News and Tribune)

Pieces from broken windows and doors, as well as other miscellaneous items are spread across a Barret Avenue parking lot and store.

The space is owned by businessman and Lebowski Fest founder Will Russell. WAVE 3 News found major damage at The Marvelous Mystery on Wednesday night, including letters and financial statements scattered outside the store.

The front door was no longer attached. What appeared to be a Christmas tree and other random items were strewn about.

Spray paint marked several surfaces and the store appeared to be mostly cleared out, though it was operating as normal recently.

One man said he passes Marvelous Mystery every day. For the past month, Charles Rivera has noticed a change in the store’s appearance. During the last week, he said he noticed people inside the store emptying it and dumping items onto the back-parking lot.

“Things from inside the store started to flow out,” Riveria said. “I noticed sometimes the store would be closed and then when it was open no one was really working in there.”

Russell’s previous store, WHY Louisville, experienced a similar situation. WAVE 3 News is still working to confirm who caused the damage to Marvelous Mystery, and if it was done intentionally.

WAVE 3 News reached out to the property owners for a comment on the status of the location and store. They said it’s a private matter being explored internally, and everyone is being held accountable, but would not elaborate further.

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