Local High School Athletes Train During Dead Period

Local High School Athletes Train During Dead Period
Corey Taylor Sports Performance (Source: Kendrick Haskins)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - It’s the dead period in high school sports, when athletes aren’t allowed to train with their high school coaches, but they can still train on their own. That’s where Corey Taylor Sports Performance comes in. “You know, it’s a great opportunity for the guys to come in, and the ladies to come in and do some extra work. Give them that competitive edge they’re looking for,” said Corey Taylor, owner and trainer.

While their peers are on vacation, these kids are at work. “The main goal is to be a national champion. I’m not going to be able to do that if everybody else is...I’m doing the same as everybody else. I gotta be up when everybody else is sleep,” said participant and Trinity track athlete, James Moore. Corey Taylor trains athletes at all levels, including the NFL. He says off-season training makes for success during the regular season. “For a lot of the athletes, it’s a mental edge for them more than a physical thing. You know, to know they’re still working while others are out playing,” says Taylor.

These athletes put in a ton of hard work here at Cory Taylor Sports Performance, but it’s the family-like atmosphere that brings them back. “It’s why I stay. Keeps me in here. I come in here on my days off. I just like being around all the clients,” said trainer, Jackie Stretman. “It makes me want to get up and come everyday,” said Moore.

The training is not easy, but the payoff is worth it. “Obviously, it’s physically demanding. They’re doing things they’ve never done before,” said Stretman. “Our culture is our culture, and the way that we train, the athletes even up to our adults they’re all bought in,” said Taylor.

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