Mayor signs Louisville budget approved by Metro Council

Mayor signs Louisville budget approved by Metro Council
Mayor Greg Fischer

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The mayor gave Louisville’s budget final approval on Friday, despite his disagreement with the council over some of the funding cuts.

The council passed the budget Tuesday by a vote of 24-1.

That night, Mayor Greg Fischer said, “it is not the budget that any of us want.”

The mayor had until July 1 to sign or veto the budget, but he signed it Friday, his spokeswoman told WAVE 3 News.

With a rising pension obligation demanded from the city by the state, Louisville faced a $32 million budget shortfall in the upcoming fiscal year. When Metro Council voted to not raise taxes, they had to make tough decisions about what city services to cut.

The budget they passed cuts funding to police, fire and EMS -- though not as much as some feared. It also includes cuts to Youth Detention Services and the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods.

“While I understand and share the desire to keep our library hours the same — and I love our libraries — Council does that by closing Youth Detention Services, before we can work out a solution with the State to keep our most vulnerable youth near their families and their schools,” Fischer said in his reaction to the budget.

While he did not veto the budget, the mayor hopes Metro Council will look at ways to raise revenue in the coming fiscal year.

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