Kentucky governor raps in new campaign ad dissing Democrats

Kentucky governor raps in new campaign ad dissing Democrats
Governor Matt Bevin

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has released a new campaign ad in response to fundraising letters sent out by Sen. Tim Kaine in support of Bevin’s Democratic challenger Andy Beshear.

In the video the governor raps a message to Kentucky voters. And one state representative has fired back with his own rap.

“Tim Kaine, are you serious?” Bevin says, “You think the voters of Kentucky are delirious?” Watch the full video below then continue reading.

The governor goes on to attack Kaine and other well-known Democrats, but not necessarily Beshear.

Here’s what Bevin said about a 2016 debate between Kaine and Vice President Mike Pence: “Well, he may tell you he debated but he got obliterated... dominated... annihilated... all his weak ides eviscerated.”

Bevin ends the ad by promoting his friendship with President Donald Trump.

Beshear’s campaign released a statement about the video saying simply, “Once again Matt Bevin has embarrassed both himself and Kentucky.”

State Rep. Charles Booker (D-Louisville) responded with his own video on Twitter “since Bevin wants to rap.” He got his daughters to be a part of the video.

And so the political rap battle has begun...

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