Cincinnati officer helps replace homeless couple’s violin damaged in landslide

Cincinnati officer helps replace homeless couple’s violin damaged in landslide

CINCINNATI, Ohio (FOX19) - An unexpected bond formed between a Cincinnati police officer and a homeless couple when the officer helped replace the couple’s violin that was damaged during a landslide.

Officer Kip Dunagan met the couple originally from Nashville when he was called to remove the two from outside of a restaurant where they were reportedly ‘bothering customers.’

In many cases, that encounter would have been a one-time thing, but Officer Dunagan ran into the couple later that day and learned about their musical talent.

“Later on in the day I had a chance to catch up with them again. The man plays the guitar and I play the guitar so I stopped and I wanted to talk to him and just find out his story and so I played guitar with him for a little bit,” he said.

While getting to know the couple, he found out they lost their fiddle during a recent landslide at their camp.

Officer Dunagan said he later stopped at Baroque Violin Shop looking to buy a used instrument to replace what was lost.

“They said we have a program, Violins that we can’t rent we’ll donate and so they put together this whole kit: violin, bow, rosin, case, everything. They just gave it to me,” he said.

He says it felt good to be able to bring something back into the couple’s lives.

“They’re just down on their luck, they’re nice people. So, it felt good for me to be able to bring her some joy back, you know, she picked it up and started playing it and sounded beautiful and so that made my day,” he said.

Officer Dunagan says he ‘jammed’ with the couple for a little while before going back about his business, but says this is a moment he won’t forget.

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