Resource clinic connects volunteers to America’s Best tenants

Resource clinic connects volunteers to America’s Best tenants
America's Best is closing and those who live and work there are scrambling to find a new place to live and work. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) - With a Clarksville extended-stay motel set to close in just over a week, community groups are looking for solutions for the 50 families who live there.

America's Best Inn and Suites will close July 19th.

On Wednesday, local groups held a resource clinic at the motel. Non-profit Exit 0 helped organize the event to address the many obstacles some of the America’s best tenants need to overcome before finding housing.

“We have medical here, we have the school district, cause we understand there’s many kids here who are affected by this as well, we also have birth certificates, we have animal control here to help with those that have animals,” said Paul Stensrud of Exit 0.

Temp agencies and mental health resources on deck too.

“Everyone is exhausted, but it’s our community and if you look around it’s great to see the partnerships that are part of this alliance in order to provide the services that these folks need,” said Stensrud.

Closing the hotel has been challenging for Brittany Warren she works and lives there.

“You’re hit from both sides,” said Warren. “Now I’m on a deadline of not only do I have to find a new job but I have to find a new place to stay and so it’s just been a struggle all the way around of let’s fix both of these problems in a short amount of time.”

With help from volunteers, she was able to find a new place to live.

“It was like a big weight, I can’t hardly say it without tearing up,” said Warren. “It’s like a weight is just gone. I’m not stressed out. I can breathe. I know that there is an answer and that everything is going to be fine now.”

The Housing Coalition of Southern Indiana has also been dedicated to the cause and is working with some of those resources who were on site Wednesday like Wellstone and Lifespring.

“July 3rd we did case conferencing where we actually had a list of recommended resources as well as the available units that we were able to find within the region so at this time we have volunteers calling these individuals back and we will be reviewing what their options are and if they now have a plan for housing or if they are able to get into an available unit,” said Keeley Stingel of the Homeless Coalition.

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