‘We need to be practicing some 2nd Amendment common sense’: LMPD urges people to lock up their guns

LMPD: Thieves stealing large number of guns from unlocked cars

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Louisville Metro police took to social media to ask people to keep their guns in their homes instead of inside of their vehicles.

In the video, Louisville Metro Police Department 9th Mobile Commander Major Billy Hibbs said from June 1 to July 10, 95 guns that officers tracked had been taken from vehicles.

Hibbs said 91 percent of those vehicles were unlocked.

"Opportunity, 100 percent opportunity,” Hibbs said. “Times have changed. We have seen a huge spike in people taking an opportunity to take your stuff. Unfortunately, some of your stuff is lethal.”

In the video, Hibbs said several of these weapons are ending up the hands of young people who are causing violent criminal activity. He urged people to lock their guns securely in their homes.

Hibbs said while he supported 2nd Amendment rights, “We need to be practicing some 2nd Amendment common sense.” (Story continues below video.)

This Must Stop!

A message from 9th Mobile Commander Major Billy Hibbs #LMPD #LockYourGunsUp #HelpUsHelpYou #StopTheViolence

Posted by Louisville Metro Police Department on Thursday, July 11, 2019

WAVE 3 News Reporter Phylicia Ashley spoke to a local woman named Denise. She said she is now terrified the gun stolen from her car could one day be involved in hurting someone.

It was taken right from her own driveway and LMPD said that is happening in waves across our city and the consequences can be fatal.

Denise said her and her husband’s cars were ransacked in June.

"It made me feel invaded,” Denise said.

Nothing was taken from her unlocked SUV, but someone stole a gun out of her husband’s locked convertible.

"They went over this area here (the top of the convertible) and broke into the car,” Denise said.

Hibbs has one major piece of advice: to prevent a deadly outcome, lock your car.

"I feel awful that it could happen that one of these crimes could be our gun,” Denise said.

Hibbs said this year 290 guns have been stolen from unlocked cars. They are being sold on the streets and used in crimes.

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