Positively WAVE: Westport Orchestra’s Rock N’ Warhawks release new video

Positively WAVE: Westport Orchestra's Rock N' Warhawks release new video

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The Westport Orchestra is one of the most rapidly growing orchestra programs in the state of Kentucky. In just two years, it has quadrupled in size, growing from 45 to 180 students. Many students and families choose Westport Middle School simply to be a part of the orchestra program.

The orchestra program puts on a number of shows across Louisville throughout each year.

The group is most known for its innovative “Rock N’ Warhawks” Electric Orchestra program. The class introduces the kids to a variety of rock, pop, and classical music in an electric environment.

The students in this particular class play on electric instruments, and learn to improvise and create their own music. They also learn choreography and floor movements that go along with what they are playing.

Students in the group go out and perform at many outdoor events, pep rallies and sporting events across the city, and have produced several music videos.

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