Future Fund buys 115 more acres along Floyds Fork to prevent development

Group buying up land to stop development near Floyds Fork

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - New houses popping up near an East End waterway are prompting some to buy land so developers can’t get it themselves.

Those making the purchases, as part of the Future Fund, said their goal is to protect the Floyds Fork creek.

Houses are being built at a fast pace near Floyds Fork. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Houses are being built at a fast pace near Floyds Fork. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

Tuesday, the group announced a 115 acre purchase along the creek on Glory Road near the Jefferson/Bullitt County line.

Steve Henry, President of the Future Fund and former Kentucky Lt. Governor, said one way to do that is to beat developers to the punch.

"Today, we bought this 115 acres that was going to be a subdivision," Henry said, pointing at a map of the creek and surrounding land.

Henry tried to convince others to further the group’s mission at a meeting of the Floyd Fork Democratic Club on Tuesday night.

Some attending said they were concerned about how development could impact the ecosystem of the waterway.

"The way to save the creek is to, unfortunately, get humans away from the creek, except for recreation," Henry said.

The beauty of the creek is something he said may be driving the developments being built just feet from it.

“I grew up in J-Town,” Troy Ransdell, President of the Floyds Fork Democratic Club, said. “I remember when the Gene Snyder was basically the end of civilization. You look at it now. You’re talking tens of thousands of homes have been built in the last 10 to 15 years. It’s a massive change.”

Henry said the Future Fund has been land banking along Floyds Fork for 28 years. He said the organization works closely with the Parklands, and between the two, more than 95 parcels at a total of 7,000 acres have been purchased.

Henry said the land used to be zoned more conservatively, but Metro boards are now approving more projects.

"Developers are coming in, trying to break those protective zones along Floyds Fork and we're concerned about that because they're competing with the Future Fund to buy more land," Henry said.

It's an issue that Henry said he soon hopes to take up with Metro Council.

Henry stressed the group is not against developments as a whole, but that it just doesn’t want them too close to the creek.

Metro Council member Markus Winkler (D-District 17) attended the event to help teach people how the zoning process works.

Winkler noted that population shifts to the outer limits of Jefferson County could become challenging for existing infrastructure that focuses on serving the county's core.

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