Satterfield and Cards at ACC Kickoff

Satterfield and Cards at ACC Kickoff
UofL head coach Scott Satterfield at ACC Kickoff

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - First-year UofL head football coach Scott Satterfield experienced his first ACC Kickoff on Wednesday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He took over a Cards team that went 0-8 in the ACC in 2018 and finished 2-10 overall. After spending most of his coaching career at his alma mater, Appalachian State, he was asked why Louisville was the right opportunity for him?

“At App the last four years we went to four straight bowl games, we won four straight bowl games, won three conference championships. What else can you do there?" Satterfield said. " I don’t know what else you can do at App State. The only thing we didn’t do was play in a New Year’s game there. I love App, 23 years I spent there, a lot of time, so but the opportunity to be a head coach in the Atlantic Coast Conference is a tremendous honor for me. These jobs just don’t come available and people want you, very often. If that is a goal or a dream of yours, you have to take advantage of it. After meeting with Vince Tyra, the athletic director, I think it’s a great fit. Here’s the thing that’s kind of weird when you take these jobs like this. We played for our conference championship on Saturday against Louisiana-Lafayette and then Sunday I meet with Vince and Monday I get offered the job. I mean you don’t have time to do a bunch a research. You’re either gonna go take it or you’re not and it was a great opportunity and a lot of good tradition there and so I said let’s go do it and you can’t look back. You take it and you run with it and we’ve had a great six or seven months thus far.”

His first job at UofL was raising morale and then developing the culture that made his program at App State so successful.

“People talk about, how are you going to measure success next fall?” Satterfied said. “It’s not in terms of wins and losses for me. It’s in terms of attitude and effort on a daily basis. That’s gonna be how we determine success. Because I think if you’re doing that and you’re doing those kind of things, then we will end winning games. We will end of having a very successful program, but it starts on a daily basis and how you carry yourself and what kind of attitude and effort you have.”

Another big media question is always, who will be your starting quarterback? Junior Puma Pass, sophomore Malik Cunningham and freshman Evan Conley all took snaps this spring.

“I’ve been calling plays since 2003 and I’ve had a bunch of different quarterbacks throughout that time," Satterfield said. “Puma is 6′4”, 238, a great size, but he can run. I think he ran a 4.75 this spring, so at that size, that’s moving. He fits in that realm, where he can run the ball. We’re gonna run some option, we’re gonna run some zone read type stuff, so he can do those type of things. He also can stand tall in the pocket and make those throws. I think it’s going to come down to decision making. Whether that’s Puma, whether that’s Malik (Cunningham), Evan (Conley), whoever that may be, it’s gonna come down to decision making.”

Satterfield and the Cards kickoff the 2019 season on Monday, September 2, hosting Notre Dame.

“To be able to play a team like Notre Dame the first game and to me on Monday night, national TV, it’s pretty cool,” Satterfield said, adding, “but you’ve got to stay in the moment, you’ve got to do your job. You’ve got to control what you can control is the thing we talk to our players about all the night. We’ve got a job to do that night.”

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