HotTALK! Thursday Edition

HotTALK! Thursday Edition

I decided to use this update to look at past excessive heat events and look at the comparisons/differences. Some of you will remember the last one very well.

The overall theme with this current one is the same, daily highs of 93-98° with a potential heat index of 105-110°. The heat index will vary on location depending on the dew point and overall ground moisture in your area. Having said that, once you get a feels-like temperature into the 100s, it gets dangerous. With the city struggling to drop below 80° at night, it will be a tough few days ahead.

As far as thunderstorm chances goes, there remains a risk for a few cells to pop this afternoon. Anything that does will likely track more E/SE. Isolated strong cells possible but most will be your quick-hitting downpours then they fade out.

If your area avoids these downpours, the next best chance will kick in late Sunday night. Only a pop-up here and there possible during the heat wave. Getting dry out there!

A nice cool-down is still in the cards for next week. The video today will cover that as well.

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