Some struggle without AC during the summer

Updated: Jul. 18, 2019 at 6:32 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - It’s hot and humid, but some people still want to enjoy the outdoors while they can.

Some can bear the heat knowing they’ll eventually have an air-conditioned home to walk into.

“We saw a girl walking down the street toward Broadway in a bikini,” Louisville native Shirley Patton said. “Needless to say, she did not need to have on a bikini.”

Instead of taking layers off to stay cool, Patton brings out her fan when the sun starts beaming.

“I eat ice cream like crazy,” she said.

“I stay in the house,” said Patton’s neighbor, Ronald Edwards.

One woman who didn’t have a thermostat to adjust last summer said she was left with changing her daily life instead of the temperature.

"It’s very difficult; you have to get up before dawn and get everything done before it gets hot,” veteran Shirley Hackworth said.

“The guys can walk around without shirts on but us women we can’t do that,” Patton said. “So we have to suffer.”

Ray Parker said if you have an AC like Patton and Edwards, you don’t have to suffer if you check the filter every month. He recommends setting your thermostat at around 74 degrees when you leave your home.

“Keeping this unit clean and efficient is the best way to keep it cool in the summer time,” Parker said.

“I leave it on 60 and let it ride,” Edwards said.

Patton said the other option of not having air conditioning is unimaginable.

“(It’s like going) in and shaking hands with the devil,” Patton said. “That’s what it will be like.”

Parker said he’s fixed 20 broken air conditioners this week, and has been installing an AC at least once a day. He suggested AC units over fans because air conditioners cool the air and take humidity out.

If you need a place to cool off, the Louisville Salvation Army on Brook Street is open seven days a week.

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