Nearly 5 years later, Crestwood mom wants answers in son’s cold case

Mother seeks more details in son's 2014 death on River Road

CRESTWOOD, Ky. (WAVE) - A 24-year-old man was found dead on the side of River Road in September 2014, now the case is cold. Ryan Kinnion died in the hospital one day after he was found and his mother said parts of the story still don’t add up.

Osonna Shepard said she knows something isn’t right after talking to detectives, the people who were with her son and people who saw what happened the night before he died.

"He was 24 so he was a man, but he was my baby,” Shepard said. “My son was in the hospital 24 hours alone before they notified me.”


Shepard said she noticed major changes in two people who were with Kinnion the night he was injured. A relative who she said drastically changed his appearance, and another man who left his job and moved immediately after Kinnion died.

“Everytime I call the police department,” said Shepard. “They tell me ‘it’s a cold case, we’ll take your name and number and have someone call you’, no one ever calls. The investigator I was dealing with said they wanted him to turn it over to traffic, but he said he believed my son was murdered.”

Shepard can’t erase what happened to her son.

“You can tell he was trying to reach for his phone or something,” Shepard said. “When the detective returned the money to me, [Ryan] must have put his hand in his pocket, because the money had my son’s blood on it.”

She also wants to know who was on the other end of the call that led police to her home.

"[The detective] said ‘we got an anonymous tip that his mother lives somewhere in Crestwood’,” Shepard said.

While she waits for answers, she holds vigils and memorials annual to remember her first love. She has a memorial of her son tattooed on her arm.

Landon Robertson was a third grader when his brother died and wants whoever is involved to give his family the closure they need.

"It got harder to know the person I look up to, my older brother, is gone,” Robertson said.

"Your children are supposed to outlive you,” Shepard said.

The family said the death certificate list Kinnion’s cause of death as a closed head injury, and his mom suspects foul play by two of the people who were with him last.

Police last ruled Kinnion’s death a homicide. LMPD said there haven’t been any updates. Anyone with information can call police at the anonymous tip line, 574- LMPD.

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