Accused killer says case against him is ‘bull crap lies’

Joseph Oberhansley’s trial scheduled to start Aug. 19

Joseph Oberhansley is charged with the rape and murder of former girlfriend

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) - An Indiana man accused of murdering his former girlfriend and eating pieces of her body launched into a tirade against detectives, prosecutors and his own attorneys on Monday.

Joseph Oberhansley is charged with the 2014 rape and murder of Tammy Jo Blanton.


At Monday’s pre-trial hearing in Clark County, Oberhansley maintained his innocence amid a long list of complaints.

In the 10-to-15-minute rant, Oberhansley maintained his innocence and described the case against him as “all bull crap lies.”

He ignored his attorneys, who were clearly frustrated by their client’s actions.

Oberhansley also ignored the judge who repeatedly cautioned him to save his comments for trial.

“Well I’m certainly taking notes of everything that he’s saying,” Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said. “And if there is evidence that is contrary to the things he’s presented now, presented at trial, I’ll certainly have these things to refer to.”

If found guilty, Oberhansley faces life in prison without parole.

Prosecutors withdrew the death penalty and Oberhansley’s attorneys will not seek an insanity defense.

The trial is expected to begin Aug. 19.

“He’s not going to be allowed to disrupt the trial,” Mull said. “He’s been given some latitude during the hearings. But once the trial starts, I’m confident this judge is going to cause the trial to go on without any interruptions.”

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