WAVE Country’s Toughest 10 - Glen Oaks Country Club, Hole #17

WAVE Country's Toughest 10: Glen Oaks No. 17

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Hole #17 at Glen Oaks Country Club only measures 386 yards from the back tee, but there is plenty to contend with.

It’s narrow with a fairway split by a creek, a creek you might not be aware of your first time around this track, and some major elevation changes. Then you have to get the ball to a challenging green.

Daniel Wilhem is the PGA professional at Glen Oaks

“The thing that makes this hole the most difficult is the green itself, the undulation is no joke on it," Wilhem siad. "You can have a ball land on the top, back part of the green and roll all the way down to the front, on a very hot, dry sunny day.”

Chris Dunn voted for this one, tweeting “#17 at glen oaks, it has a split fairway that you can’t see from the tee box. Then if you do stay safe from the tee, it’s an approach shot on to a green that rivals a 9/12 pitched roof. Hardest green and hole in Kentucky. A bogey is par on that hole for sure!”

That green brings up a frequent question in the pro shop.

“When are they going to redo the green?" Wilhem joked. "No, joking aside, it’s a short hole, but where our holes are short here at the club, our greens make up the difference, being somewhat tough, and this is by far the toughest green.”

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