Roof collapse forces nail studio to close, owners concerned how they will pay for niece’s chemo

Partial roof collapse leaves family wondering how to pay for chemo treatment

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A roof collapse closed several businesses at the Gallerias in St. Matthews with no definite timeline of when they will be able to reopen.

Paul and Tham Sandman own Nail Therapy in that shopping center. They are several stores away from where the roof collapse occurred, but structural engineers advised all of the owners to vacate the building.

Paul Sandman is the owner of Nail Therapy in St. Matthews.
Paul Sandman is the owner of Nail Therapy in St. Matthews. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

“We thought we were ok here but a week later they studied the situation and evidently the engineers determined they couldn't guarantee there weren't more problems elsewhere,” Paul Sandman said.

Paul said they don’t know when they’ll be able to reopen the nail salon.

“It's frustrating, really frustrating for us, for all the other shop owners; for all the clients and for our staff cause they've had to scatter and they're trying to pick up the pieces too,” Paul said.

Paul and Tham opened Nail Therapy in October 2018.

Tham Sandman recently found out her neice has lukemia.
Tham Sandman recently found out her neice has lukemia. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

“You know a new business takes a while to get going. We were really doing well,” Paul said.

As their business started to take off, Paul and Tham found out Tham’s eight-year-old niece in Vietnam was very sick.

“On July 1st they found out she has blood cancer ... leukemia,” Tham said.

Ha Phuong Hoang, 8, is battling lukemia.
Ha Phuong Hoang, 8, is battling lukemia. (Source: Sandman Family)

Ha Phuong Hoang, 8, started running a high fever that would not go down. After a few days, she went to the hospital where tests confirmed she had leukemia. She has been in the hospital since and will start chemo treatment soon, but the costs are too much for Tham’s family to handle.

“My family doesn’t have money so Paul and I, we’re the ones who have her 100 percent,” Tham said.

Doctors in Vietnam told Tham’s family once treatment begins, it will cost about $10,000 per month. Paul and Tham were helping the family pay for the costs up until their business was forced to close.

“We set up this business and now we don’t know how he we can help her,” Tham said.

Tham is going to Vietnam this week to help her family figure out what is best.

“Some days she feels good. Most of the days she has a high fever, she's so tired so she lays down in bed all day long. She cannot even, you know, sit up and she cannot eat, just a little bit,” Tham said. “Doctors say if in Vietnam if they do chemo for her there’s about 40 percent chance. If she can go to Singapore or the U.S. it's a much better chance for her.”

Paul and Tham are hopeful they can figure out a way to help Ha, while also reopening the nail studio as soon as possible.

“We were 100 percent of the funding for her care and now we’ve lost our ability to do that,” Paul said. "We really don’t like to ask for help like most people. It’s very painful to ask for help but we’re kind of in a position where we need some help to help Hy Phuong.”

To help Paul and Tham’s niece and family, click or tap here.

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