WAVE Country’s Toughest 10 - Shelbyville Country Club, Hole #8

WAVE Country's Toughest Ten: Shelbyville CC No. 8

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Hole #8 at Shelbyville Country Club is 550 yards. The par 5 is surrounded by trouble, including water that is in play on just about every shot.

Brad Maynard is the PGA professional and general manager at Shelbyville Country Club

“Usually it plays into the prevailing wind," Maynard said. "You’ve got water all the way down on the left side. You’ve got out of bounds all the way down on the right side. And you’ve got water in front of the green as well. You’ve got to place your ball in the fairway on your tee shot and on your second shot to have a good third shot into the green.”

Greg Gibson and Kelly Z voted for this one. Greg tweeted “Par 5 with water all left, OB all right, and you have to cross a water hazard....twice.”

Kelly Z said "I agree that #8 at Shelbyville is my vote. The second shot layup is really tricky."

The pro has tip for anyone who takes on this beast.

“Don’t hit your driver, seriously, I think if people just back off and hit an iron or a fairway wood off the tee, try not to overpower it very much,” Maynard said.

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