StormTALK! Thursday Edition

StormTALK! Thursday Edition

Hot and mainly dry for the next several days. Welcome to August :)

There is one exception to keep in mind. Moisture levels will be slightly higher across Kentucky (especially near/south of the Parkways). We plan to keep the risk for an afternoon downpour/gusty t-storm in for our Kentucky counties as a result. The more north you are located, the lower the humidity and nearly zero rain chance.

We should average out close to 90° (+/- a degree) all the way through Sunday.

The heat looks to expand an intensify Monday and Tuesday. With the dry ground (and getting drier), we may push closer to 95° for highs. The good news (sorta) is that the heat index will basically match the temperature and moisture levels won’t be excessive.

A cold front drops in late Tuesday night into Wednesday to bring us our next shot at larger clusters of thunderstorms. It will also knock our temperatures back down as well.

Once we move into the following weekend, we will be right on the edge of a “stormy zone” and intense heat to our west. We will fine-tune our placement in that story-line as we get closer.

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