WAVE Country’s Toughest 10 - Persimmon Ridge Golf Club, Hole #13

WAVE Country's Toughest 10: Persimmion Ridge No. 13

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Hole #13 at Persimmon Ridge Golf Club presents problems from the time you put your tee in the ground.

How to attack a shot over water from a tee box that makes the angles deceiving?

Steve Shafer is the Director of Golf at Persimmon Ridge

“It’s visually intimidating, you start with the 429 yards of shoreline and that runs up the entire length of the left side of the hole, but the hole is narrow and you’ve got the water left but you also have out of bounds right and some trouble with some trees," Shafer said. "You just have to hit good shots here and you know it when you step on the tee.”

This one received plenty of votes.

Pat H tweeted "Signature hole #13 at Persimmon Ridge. May be the most difficult tee shot in the city. Watch a HS tourney there and bring a ball retriever. You will get a lot of new golf balls.

Cardsforlife said "Hole 13 at persimmon ridge. Long par 4 and you have a hard tee shot over water"

Clay Suter added that it's the most intimidating tee shot in the area.

and Jim Schmitt said "Very tight and somewhat long. Tree in way on approach"

All that talk about the tee shot, yet every other shot presents problems as well, and when you do finally get to the green, you have to navigate the elephant buried in the middle.

This hole is just a taste of what Persimmon Ridge has to offer. A course that is challenging for golfers of all skill levels.

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