WAVE Country’s Toughest 10 - Bardstown Country Club, Hole #16

WAVE Country's Toughest 10: Bardstown CC No. 16

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Hole #16 on the Maywood course at Bardstown Country Club is a par three that measures over 200 yards from the back tee, and any golfer would gladly agree to write down a four and move on.

The tee shot is downhill, over water, and a rock wall. There is little room for error.

Chris Osborne is a PGA professional and the general manager at the club.

“We have five sets of tees, so there’s lots of way to play it,” Osborne said. “When we put that back right pin across the rocks there, it’s upwards of about a 210-212 yard shot. Now it is downhill, which makes it a little bit easier on the distance, but there’s obviously water right, bunker left and out of bounds left.”

Paul Najjar voted for this one on Facebook, writing “tee off 40 feet above green, water right, road left, narrow green. Gorgeous view if things don’t go well, so there’s that.”

Speaking of that water, it fills up with with golf balls. They got a few out earlier this year.

“During this year and the fall of last year, they got about 5,000 balls out and they didn’t even get up around the edges of the rocks,” Osborne said.

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