EXCLUSIVE: 'You can’t help a broken person,’ says daughter of suspect in LaRue Co. double murder-suicide

Exclusive: Daughter of LaRue County double murder-suicide says father was 'broken'

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - One of the victims of a double murder-suicide in LaRue County two weeks ago was laid to rest Saturday morning.

Loved ones of Brittany Wilson, 39, gathered at the Valley Station home, where police believe she was killed, to release balloons in her honor.

Police haven't released the name of the man suspected of killing the two women, setting fire to a mobile home and then taking his own life.


As the crowd of Wilson’s family and friends gather to mourn their loved one, there's a woman standing by, also mourning her father and step-mother. While maintaining her privacy, she still wanted to make sure her family's perspective was heard. She shared her insight into what happened to her father, speaking exclusively with WAVE 3 News.

Reporter: “Is this something that came out of the blue?”

Daughter: “Eh, the killing is. The other aspects, not so much.”

She says her father may be a bad person to some, but to her he was a good man, just broken.

“You can’t help a broken person,” said the daughter.

Her stepmother was Nicole Murray, the woman found shot to death in a vehicle outside of the mobile home on River Road, where all three people were found dead. Police say he confessed to the murders before setting fire to the trailer and killing himself.

His daughter says Brittany Wilson was her father’s friend. She believes this all started with an argument between Wilson and her father that, she says, went on for a while and may have included some criminal acts. She says her father was on meth and she believes he felt like there was no other way to end it.

“Somewhere in his messed up mind, I guess, he thought that was the only thing to do,” said the daughter.

When asked if she expected it to go this far, she said she could see her father wanting to kill himself, but not another person, let alone her stepmother.

She says Murray and her father had a rocky relationship but loved each other and she believes he did not mean to hurt his wife.

While unclear on how her stepmother came into the gruesome picture, the daughter says she is certain her father had help hiding Wilson’s body.

Police say they found her dismembered in a freezer behind the trailer.

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