Bullitt Central High School welcomes new principal on first day of school

Bullitt Central High School welcomes new principal on first day of school

SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Wednesday marked the first day of 2019-2020 school year for thousands of students in Bullitt County. Over 14,000 students started new classes, and some started at new schools, but it wasn’t just the students adjusting to change.

The start of the new school year also marked the first day as principal of Bullitt Central High School for Steve Miracle. He was out in front of the school greeting students Wednesday morning, a “principle” part of his game plan as.

“It’s the most important piece,” Miracle said, “Not just being visible for the students, but for the staff, the community, that’s the number one part of being a leader.”

As he watched students walk in, Miracle had plans in his head for when they walk out.

“My goal is that ultimately when they leave our building for good, we have put them in a good place for what they want to in life,” said Miracle.

Miracle said the first day of school is the time to get back to business.

“You get to actually focus on what you’re here for,” he said. “We get to focus on progressing students. Today is our base line. They walk in, and our goal is at the end of the year when they walk out of here we’ve done a lot to help them be much more prepared for where they are going in life.”

Miracle said his advice for students on the first day of school is to keep the same level of energy on day one as the rest of the year.

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