StormTALK! Friday Edition

StormTALK! Friday Edition

More 90s ahead with at least *some* rain chances to track.

The next round for those downpours looks to take place this afternoon. While some cells could become heavy and gusty, the coverage of the thunderstorms will be limited. Which means some will get missed yet again. The zone to watch for downpours will be close to I-64 through 5pm and south of I-64 into the evening.

Saturday looks to be the pick of the 2 days in terms of the amount of sunshine, humidity values and staying dry.

Sunday will be slightly hotter, slightly more humid and a small t-storm risk gets added.

The heat really builds in Monday/Tuesday with the only way to bust that forecast coming in the way of thunderstorms at the right time. Which is possible. But for now, plan for low to mid 90s and hope that we get a few thunderstorms in the afternoon hours to knock those temperatures down.

Our next cold front moves in Tuesday night and should be out of the area by Wednesday...leading to another couple days of dry weather in its wake.

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