UofL Football Has Fun at Media Day

UofL Football Has Fun at Media Day
2019 UofL football team (Source: Kendrick Haskins)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Saturday afternoon was media day for the University of Louisville football team, and it was all smiles around the football complex. The Cards took the team picture on the field before the coaches and players met with the media in the press box. Expectations are low for this team outside of the locker room, but the joy for playing football has returned for the players.

First year head coach, Scott Satterfield and his staff have changed the atmosphere around the program since taking over back in December, and there seems to be one overriding theme....have fun. "One of the players today told me, he said 'coach, this doesn't even feel like football'. I said 'what does it seem like?' He said, 'man, this is just fun', and that's what we want," said Satterfield. That seemingly small change has paid off early in the player's attitudes about working hard to improve. " We having fun, so we look forward to being up here. We look forward to getting better. We look forward to practicing verses last year, we might be like 'aw man we got to go up here'. We look forward to it now, so that's the difference," said quarterback, Jawan Pass.

Defensive coordinator, Bryan Brown admitted that he wasn’t sure what he had gotten himself into when he first arrived on campus, but after a few practices he realized that this team needed to loosen up a little bit. “I was like look, maybe it’s me. Maybe I need to do something to help get these guys over the top and give a little bit more effort. But, I think that’s what it was, just me seeing the guys need just a little extra push to play with passion. You know, coming out, we play music in practice. I see guys standing around, and I’m like, we can have fun. The game of football is fun. So, you can talk, you can joke, you can dance,” said Brown. Wide receiver, Dez Fitzpatrick says the new “fun” atmosphere has been a breath of fresh air. “I feel like if you just focus on just having fun, and not worrying about your stats, or not worrying about how many games you’re going to win. You just worry about each week, and just focus on love for the game, and having fun, then anything can happen,” said Fitzpatrick.

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