Investigators find 100+ videos of Madison, Ind., man abusing 18-month-old

Indiana man charged with attempted murder after new videos surface

MADISON, Ind. (WAVE) – Video evidence is leading to additional charges for a Madison man accused of injuring and attempting to kill his 18-month-old stepchild back in June.

Christopher Keller was originally charged in July for battery and neglect of a dependent. He’s now facing far more serious charges after video footage showing the alleged abuse was discovered.

Court records say video evidence found inside the house shows more than 100 videos of Keller abusing his 18-month-old stepson, with timecodes showing the abuse of the child continuing for more than 11 hours.

The child’s mother had called DCS when she came back from work and saw severe bruising on her son’s head and body, and a large section of hair missing from his scalp, according to court records. He was taken to Riley Hospital for Children, suffering compression fractures to the spine.

Court records say video evidence also shows a man forcing the child’s head into the couch, placing much of his body weight on the child and blocking his airways for 40 seconds, the child can be seen writhing in an attempt to breathe. Other videos show hitting, kicking or tackling the child, dragging him across the couch by his hair, even holding him upside down by holding one leg, causing his head to hit the floor violently multiple times.

Court records say Keller’s wife told investigators he tried to explain away the injuries as accidental, saying that this was the result of rough housing with another child in the home.

Keller was in court Monday for these additional charges following the discovery of the video. Now, the charges he’s facing include 15 counts of aggravated battery, 48 counts of battery on a child under 14 years causing injury and attempted murder.

Keller is currently being held in the Jefferson County, Ind., Jail. Court records show the judge Monday increased his bond to $4 million cash.

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