Joseph Oberhansley’s murder trial will begin next week as scheduled

Suspect accused of killing girlfriend, eating her body parts in 2014

Trial to begin Monday for man accused of killing girlfriend, eating her body parts

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) - A Jeffersonville man accused of killing his girlfriend and eating parts of her body will stand trial next week as scheduled.

In court Monday for a number of final motions ahead of that trial, Judge Vicki Carmichael told Joseph Oberhansley that he will stand trial for the murder of Tammy Jo Blanton, nearly five years after her death.

Oberhansley was in court for those motions and he wasn’t staying quiet about this trial, both in and out of the courtroom.

“I’m embarrassed and outraged by these false charges against me,” Oberhansley said, repeating that he was innocent of these charges.

In the courtroom, Oberhansley told the judge that he’d been attacked by two men that night and was knocked out for everything. Court records allege Oberhansley killed Blanton, dismembering her body and eating parts of it.

In court, attorneys on both sides went back and forth on whether certain text messages or statements can be introduced as evidence during his trial. Per Oberhansley’s own request, an insanity defense will not be used and as a result, the state won’t seek the death penalty.

Despite that ruling, his attorneys asked the judge to include some mental health evidence regarding Oberhansley’s competence.

“I foresaw possibility that the defense might try to turn around and then try to get this evidence in anyway,” Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said. “I foresaw that possibility and indeed the defense is trying to get mental health evidence admitted contrary to the court ruling. And so today, I was arguing against that strenuously.”

In court, Oberhansley’s attorneys said it’s necessary to show the jury that Oberhansley doesn’t understand what’s happening in court.

Rulings on these court motions are expected by the end of the week.

Despite a number of interruptions in court by Oberhansley, the judge said the trial will start Monday, and if he chooses to keep interrupting then, he’ll end up watching his trial instead of being present for it.

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