StormTALK! Monday Edition

StormTALK! Monday Edition

Active weather will kick in over the 24 hours and that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get some rain. Unfortunately.

The best way to look at this is by timeline.

NOW-2PM: Clouds for many. Spotty shower/sprinkles along/west of I-65. Temps in the 80s.

2PM_7PM: As the rain over IL/IN fades, out the clouds will start to thin out locally. That is when we have a chance to jump into the 90s for a couple of hours. The amount of sun will be key on that “jump”.

7PM-3AM: Quiet locally. A round of severe weather (high wind) rolls along I-70 to our north. We’ll monitor Lawrence to Jennings Co’s carefully.


3AM-8AM: The line mentioned above will sag into our southern IN counties and up I-71. The severe risk with these will be fading as each minute goes by so these look to be just downpours at this time. Will they make it into Louisville? It’ll be a close call. Support for them will be fading so there is a chance they would only bring us a band of clouds. Just too early to know for sure on this one.

8AM-5PM: We start off cloudy and muggy. The question for this period will be the location of the next round of t-storms? They could pop as close to I-64 as say Bullitt or Hardin Counties. However, support for them to develop closer to Green or Taylor is still stronger. We’ll need to watch you guys for a few warnings as a result. Additionally , the risk is there for a heat surge to push in along the Ohio River that would allow for temps to jump into the 90s with the heat index over 100 degrees. If the afternoon t-storms were to develop closer to the city, that would ease the heat threat, but would increase the severe risk. So pick your flavor I guess.

Drier/less-humid air moves in Tuesday night into Wednesday.

So you can tell how there are many moving parts to the forecast over the next 36 hours. This means the details will change often so be sure to keep an eye to the WAVE 3 Weather App for our changes. Hopefully you will get the rain if you need it. If you don’t, we will have to wait several more days.

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