Prosecutors want judge off case involving attorney Lysol can attack

Prosecutors ask for judge to be taken off case involving attorney lysol can attack
Lindsey Scott
Lindsey Scott (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - It’s the case that many in downtown Louisville can’t stop talking about: An attorney accused of hitting a fellow attorney in the head with a Lysol can.

Lindsey Scott, facing an assault charge, was back in court on Tuesday. WAVE 3 News obtained exclusive documents and video in connection to the case.

Court documents say the County Attorney’s office is asking for the judge to be removed from the case. It stems from video obtained exclusively by WAVE 3 News, which is public record. An attorney for Lindsey Scott is seen on the video approaching Judge Tanisha Hickerson in court shortly after the July 17 incident at the Hall of Justice.

This is what Scott’s attorney said to the judge, according to the court video:

Attorney: “This one is a little delicate. You have heard the issue that I’ve been having with regard to Mr. Scott?”

Judge: “Yes, Uh-huh.”

Attorney: “Okay ... um ... Judge Langford is the on-call.”

Judge: “Uh-huh.”

Attorney: “And I’m trying to see if there is a way we can get a bond for Mr. Scott so he doesn’t have to show up to court tomorrow on video at the jail.”

The conversation continues between Scott’s attorney and Judge Hickerson.

“One thing judges can do, we can request an earlier bond call,” Judge Hickerson said on the video. Hickerson also told Scott’s attorney that she would give the on-call judge a heads up.

The County Attorney’s Office had issue with that particular interaction excluding the prosecutors.

Scott wasn’t in jail very long after his arrest; he was released on his own recognizance. Scott is accused of hitting attorney James Moore over the head with a Lysol can several times. It happened last month at the Hall of Justice in an attorney workroom on the third floor. The aftermath of that attack was captured on surveillance video.

Moore ended up with several lacerations on his head and had to get staples. He told WAVE 3 News on Tuesday that his lacerations are healing.

The County Attorney also said in court Tuesday that one of the prosecutors was served a subpoena from one of Scott’s defense attorneys, and they will file a motion to quash that. No final decisions were made in court Tuesday. The case is going to be continued to Aug. 26.

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