Teen helps save woman’s life because she learned CPR

Teen uses CPR to save life of woman eating at McDonalds

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Over the summer break, a WAVE Country teen did something amazing. She saved someone’s life.

Fifteen-year-old Brianna Newman said she was able to do that because of what she learned at school.

“Everybody just needs that one person to say, ‘Hey, you can do this,’” Newman said. “I did it. Don’t be afraid.”

When Newman was in her sophomore year, she became a student in the Health Sciences Academy at Moore High School, studying in the Allied Health program. What she learned came in handy in July, when she was working at a McDonald’s restaurant off Old Shepherdsville Road. Someone came running in and asked if anyone knew CPR.

“Immediately, I ran outside and I seen everybody surrounding (a) car,” Newman said. “So when I went up to the car, I seen a woman. She was blue, unresponsive she wasn’t moving at all.”

Someone called 911. Newman got some help and pulled the woman out of the car.

“I was sure she wasn’t breathing; I started doing chest compressions,” Newman said. “Blood started coming from her mouth, so we had to roll her over to her side.”

EMS arrived and helped the woman. What Newman did made a difference. She was able to jump in because of what she learned at Moore High School.

“My teachers believed in me before I believed in myself,” Newman said. “It’s helped me find my purpose. I know it’s something that I will continue to do as I get older is help people.”

“To be able to recognize, remember her training and react and do, it’s an incredible feat for a young lady of that age,” Metro EMS spokesman Michael Will said.

Will said he makes it his job to spread the importance of learning CPR.

“We want the public not to be afraid to help,” Will said. “We’ll train anybody in CPR; they should be at least 13.”

Will said it doesn’t take long and it’s not difficult.

On Wednesday, Newman’s teacher told her the woman she helped did survive. The experience has changed Newman, who said she wants to pursue a career in the medical field.

“It felt right,” Newman said. “It felt like I was supposed to do that and it’s something that I kinda want to do again if I had to.”

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