Cards fans happy about Spectrum TV deal with ACC Network

ACC Network strikes deal with Spectrum

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The new ACC Network goes live next week, and University of Louisville Cardinal fans who are cable subscribers with Spectrum woke up to some good news.

UofL announced Spectrum hashed out an agreement with ESPN to carry the new ACCN. Many fans were already taken care of with providers like Direct TV or Hulu. But Spectrum was a big missing piece, and those customers told WAVE 3 News they are excited to be able to see the Cards.

“A lot of people,” Cards fan Debbie Rodgers said, “tons of people, and I’m one of them.”

Rodgers, who was picking up tickets to the Notre Dame/UofL football opener said that if Spectrum hadn’t made the deal for the ACC Network, she believes many Cardinals may have flown to another TV provider nest.

“Very upset; you know how fans can be,” Rodgers said.

UofL Sports Information Director Kenny Klein said Spectrum is also a major player outside Louisville as the No. 2 carrier in ACC markets.

“We have a huge alumni base in Tampa, Florida, for instance and Tampa is a Spectrum market,” Klein said.

The league that has the reigning national champions in both football (Clemson) and basketball (Virginia) will have 24/7 content, including the Cards All-Access football show this fall. It’s huge for UofL due to the $8 million investment in its broadcast facility, with fiber at all their sports venues on campus.

Meanwhile, other providers like DISH Network are still working out deals for the ACCN.

The Risky family from Brandenburg was moving their daughter to campus Thursday, and said they’re waiting for DISH to sign on.

“We want it,” said UofL fan and dad Chris Risky. The family plans to put in their zip code at to see which providers in their area are carrying it. Mom Tiffany said she may even start watching sports.

“I think of (Chris Risky) being a UofL fan and (our daughter) going here, it kind of changes the whole aspect now.”

She added that she may watch the ACC network if DISH gets it on in Brandenburg.

“Goodbye Lifetime Network,” she joked.

Several providers are still working deals that usually come when customers complain. Although UofL has made a major investment with the broadcast center, it could also expect to see a good financial return as time goes on.

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