Contractor in Troubleshooter Investigation stands by his work

Contractor in Troubleshooter Investigation stands by his work
Complaints made against a general contractor operating in Louisville have now made it to the desk of the Attorney General.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A general contractor whose been reported to the Attorney General’s Office stands by his work.

Gregg Dunn, the owner of G&S Contracting LLC was the subject of an exclusive Troubleshooter Investigation Tuesday after complaints were made to the Better Business Bureau, or BBB. They have since contacted the AG’s office in regards to those complaints involving shoddy work.

One of Dunn’s customers featured in the investigation, Lisa Casey, claims Dunn never finished the addition to her home in nearly a year and half, and after she’d given him the cost of the project, $30,000.

Another one of his customer’s, Emma Jean Thomas, had a list of complaints against G&S’s work, including unfinished floors and a broken faucet handle installed in her bathroom. Her complaint is now in the hands of the Attorney General.

After the story aired, Dunn contacted WAVE 3 News and wanted to share his side of the story. He said the customers featured in the story were "difficult."

He said he tried for months to work with Casey, stating there were delays that were out of his control including issues with a septic tank. He said he was planning to work on the project still, until Casey told him not to come back about two weeks ago. That's a nearly a year and a half of waiting for the project to be completed.

Casey says she called repeatedly about work not being done. The addition to her home currently has no plumbing, broken windows, no flooring, electricity or ceiling.

Dunn said in Emma Jean Thomas’s case, he’d severely undercharged her and had to pick things to get her pricing right. Thomas had a $30,000 budget. He said her home didn’t look as good as when he left it. That’s something Thomas refutes adding that she had recently bought new kitchen cabinets and that her home was in much better shape than how he left it.

Since G&S stopped working on her house, she said she had to get her home repainted. She said she also had to get other things fixed, like re-drywalling a part of a wall after G&S had covered an outlet, fix a leak in the bathroom, replace that broken faucet and lay down new flooring in her kitchen, covering the patchy spots G&S left.

When WAVE 3 News visited Thomas’s house, the closet doors in her bedroom didn’t close. Other doors weren’t even installed.

Dunn said those things are all fixable.

Dunn was the subject of a WAVE 3 News Troubleshooter investigation in 2004 when a customer complained about his installation of patio doors.

The Better Business Bureau said they are aware of Dunn and have forwarded consumer complaints to the Attorney General.

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