FAA bans recalled Macbook Pros from flights

FAA bans recalled Macbook Pros from flights
The Federal Aviation Administration has banned certain Macbook Pro laptops from flights. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - The Federal Aviation Administration confirms that certain recalled 15-inch Macbook Pro laptops are banned from all flights in the United States.

Apple issued a limited recall for the laptops in June because they contained batteries that could overheat.

The next month, on July 10, the FAA retweeted pictures of a damaged Macbook Pro along with a reminder that the batteries, which have also been recalled, are not allowed on airplanes.

More recently, the FAA emailed statements to several media outlets, drawing attention to the ban.

The recall is for 15-inch Macbook Pros sold between Sept. 2015 and Feb. 2017 that contain certain types of lithium batteries.

Those batteries were themselves recalled because of a risk of overheating, electric shock, thermal burns and even fire.

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